Hoffman is the Local Leader in Home Security Systems

We Provide a Total Home Security System Solution that Helps You and Your Family Feel Safe

Home Security SystemsAt Hoffman, your peace of mind is our first priority. Our trained security consultants help work with you to design a system that provides you unrestricted use of your home with a high degree of protection. Because no two homeowners share the same exact needs, we help you understand the products and services that will meet your needs, and then recommend a level of protection to accommodate both your concerns and your budget. We will design and install a home security system that addresses your needs and concerns for your home and family.

Before your system is designed, we help you take the following steps:

Hoffman Electronic System's Construction Services Division Helps Builders Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Hoffman Electronic Systems is a leader in new construction security systems and advanced wiring services. We began marketing security systems as an option for new homebuyers in the early 1980s. Today, we can help you deliver the right combination of products and profitability.

Hoffman's central monitoring station is looking out for what's important to you

Hoffman's local monitoring system offers you a lot more than just security. Of course, we can monitor your doors and windows whether you are home or away; but our system can also be used to detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. It's Home Security, plus a whole lot more.

Having someone here for you at a moments notice is vital.

Effective security requires industry-leading, state-of-the-art, monitoring networks operated with the commitment and dedication of a very special staff. Hoffman Electronic Systems owns and maintains a 24-hour a day monitoring center that meets strict industry criteria, including UL-certification. To ensure our system is always up and running, our facilities utilize uninterruptible power supplies, and back-up power generators.

Trained security specialists also assure your peace of mind every day of the year. All of our employees pass thorough background screening and structured training programs.

We provide customer assistance during all hours of the day.

Hoffman Electronic Systems developed the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) as an illustration of our commitment to our clients. Through the use of our CAP program, our customers can be assured that there will be someone on "your" team available to answer questions, anytime, day or night.

The most common calls coming in to just about any central station will involve relatively simple arming, disarming, and zone bypass questions from end-users. The questions are simple, that is, if the operator has the information available to solve the problem for the user. Most central station monitoring services lack the resources, and therefore refers the caller to the alarm manufacturer or tells them that service will contact them in the morning.

At Hoffman, we have invested in putting the operational manuals for nearly 100 security panels online and at the fingertips of our central station operators. More importantly, our operators are trained and tested on these various systems regularly, and can successfully handle about 90% of the routine calls that come in for technical support. And, as far as our customers are concerned, they are getting their problems solved right away.

Monitoring checklist:

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