Hoffman is Merced County's Only Full-Service, UL Certified Fire Alarm Company

Fire Alarm Panel and TechnicianHoffman can design and engineer an automatic fire alarm system for your company that complies with all applicable NFPA standards, local jurisdictional codes and your insurance requirements. From design and layout to installation and final approval by local fire authorities, our commercial team will work with your engineers, architects, HVAC, sprinkler, electrical, elevator and building contractors to get the job done correctly.

Our service department provides repair services, testing and inspection in accordance to UL, NFPA, State and Local Codes. All of our equipment is UL/CSFM approved.

Whether you need a fire system or an integrated system to include fire, access control and voice notification for evacuation, we will help you design a system that will meet all applicable requirements.

We Provide:

UL-Certified Fire Monitoring at Our Own Local Monitoring Facility

We operate our own UL-Listed, on-site local monitoring station. We are the ONLY alarm company in Merced County that has owns our own central station.

Potential for Significant Cost Savings vs. Your Current Provider

We constantly compare our prices with others in the area to assure we are among the lowest. Contact us and see if we can help save you money.

Work Directly with Local Fire Authorities

Hoffman has been in business for over 30 years and has built great relationships with the local fire authorities in Merced and Stanislaus Counties. This allows us to get the job planned out according to the unique requirements of each jurisdiction.

Fire Alarm

Utilization of Your Existing Fire Alarm Equipment

Our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of fire alarm equipment manufacturers and there is a good chance we can utilize the equipment you already have and only require minimal cost to activate your system.

Testing and Inspections

Fire Alarms are required to be tested and inspected on a regular basis, depending on jurisdictional requirements. Our highly-trained technicians can fulfill this requirement in a minimal amount of time and we can even put a monthly payment plan to distribute the cost.

In-House CAD Designs and Submittals

Hoffman has CAD experts on staff to handle all of your design and submittal needs. We are able to create the device maps for submittals and even contract with a local architect if full blown plans are required.

Maintenance Contracts Available

We know we are living in interesting financial times these days. Hoffman is proud to provide maintenance contracts which can cover all normal wear & tear, including equipment and labor. Testing and Inspections can also be included.

Internet Monitoring - 2 Phone Lines No Longer Required

The California State Fire Marshall has approved the use of high-speed internet monitoring to replace the requirement of 2 active phone lines. The internet module is in near constant communication with our fire alarm receiver and if the connection is lost, we know about it within minutes.

This can represent hundreds of dollars per year if you are currently paying for two dedicated phone lines for your current fire alarm. Contact us today to learn more.