Hoffman Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Business When You're Away

Camera InstallationInternal and External Shrinkage are two of the most important issues that local business owners have to deal with these days. How much is your company losing in profits out of either the front door, or the back door?

A digital camera system from Hoffman can monitor the premesis, both indoors and outdoors, when you are not there. These systems may be connected with a variety of camera types and can be configured to be accessed on your internal network or from any internet-connected computer or approved smartphone.

Cameras come in different types. Covert cameras are hidden from normal view. These are used to capture video in areas that people are not aware they are being recorded. Infrared cameras are used to help see in limited visibility areas.

Camera on BuildingWith these systems in place, you can reduce theft, monitor critical systems and protect your people, product and facilities. Video capabilities include:

Camera Install at Prison

Upgrade your existing camera systems to High Definition

Video Verification

Upgrade your camera today!

Do you have a Camera system installed in your Home or Business? Do you want the same quality in video that you have on your television? With Hoffman's new line of Turbo High Definition Cameras, we can upgrade your existing camera system and in many cases utilize the existing wiring. Take your image quality to the next level with 1080P High Definition Camera system. If you do not have a camera system, now is a great time to monitor what goes on at your Home or Business.

Hoffman Instant Eye Witness

Live verification

Have Hoffman verify your alarm with Hoffman Instant Eye Witness!!!

Hoffman is excited to announce an expansion to our ever growing line of services. Now we are able to tie in your alarm system with your camera system and provide Video Monitoring of your Home or Business. Video Monitoring brings the alarm response to a higher level. When your alarm is activated, we log into your camera system and can verify what is happening and relay this information to you or the Police Department.

Remote Video Services

Videofied Motion-Triggered Camera

Do you have a remote location with no power or internet and need monitoring? With the rise in agricultural crime, Hoffman's Remote Video Services are perfect for outdoor protection on pumps and wells. We can also protect rooftop air conditioning units and construction sites. Our system operates using Lithium ion batteries that can last for years and cellular data to communicate with our Central Station. The system sends video of what is causing the alarm activation. We quickly notify you or the authorities and protect your property. Click here to learn more about wireless video monitoring.

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