Hoffman Installs the Leading Technology in Access Control Systems

Access ControlBuilding owners and managers must deal with threats on many levels. Hoffman Electronic Systems works with you to understand both your issues and your goals. Then we help you design and install an appropriate level of security to address your needs and provide peace of mind that frees you to focus on your core business goals. When combined with Hoffman's Central Station Monitoring, versatile design and online report capabilities, the system you select becomes a valuable management tool.

Hoffman 's access control solutions range from simple authorized access systems to advanced closed circuit monitoring and exception reports delivered through secure Internet connections. Because we maintain relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and install only the highest quality, most versatile products, Hoffman offers your company the full power of today's most desired technology backed by a team of experienced and highly skilled security professionals.

Access CardHoffman offers a wide range of Access Control services and capabilities to all commercial, government and institutional customers, including: